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Welcome to Midland Recyling

Midland Recycling (formerly Stevalex) was established in 2004 with the idea of recycling a wide variety of plastic waste from industrial companies which many were paying to dispose of through skip hire. Since then we have continued to grow, purchasing new machinery and developing good relationships within the industry.

Effective plastic recycling methods are a common concern for manufacturing companies. Plastic scrap left over from manufacturing and packaging processes can quickly build up, taking up valuable space and requiring additional effort in waste management.

We know that busy schedules, obligations and responsibilities can sometimes make it difficult to find time to dispose of your plastic properly. We also know that in the era of rising costs, getting the best value out of any deal is important. That’s why we’ll offer you competitive rates for your plastic, whether it’s plastic scrap, regrind, bins or off cuts. It’s important to note that the value of your plastic depends on various factors, such as grade, volume and location. If you don’t know what grade your plastic is, we’ll work with you to help determine the grade and its value.

We also know that your time is valuable, and that few businesses can afford to wait for plastic recyclers to collect loads. Fortunately, we will pick up your plastic quickly – sometimes even in the same day. You’ll save time, money and effort, all while practicing environmentally responsible habits.

If you have plastic scrap, we can put it to good use. Plastic scrap can be melted down or reground into pellets, which can then be reused in a variety of ways. This greatly reduces the amount of waste that is directed to the nation’s landfills and minimises the impact on the environment. Most forms of plastic degrade extremely slowly, and introduce potentially hazardous chemicals into the environment when it does begin to break down. Finding a way to keep materials like plastic out of the waste stream is a critical step in protecting the earth and its environment. It also introduces a more cost effective means of creating and packaging new goods, as recycling plastic costs less than manufacturing brand new materials. Either way, recycling plastic makes good sense both financially and environmentally.